A Tulsa Bail Bondsman Can Protect Your Rights

Getting arrested in Oklahoma can be a frightening experience. The fear can result from losing control to jailers, from dangerous conditions inside the jail or from uncertainty about how the arrest will affect your life. Knowing how to deal with the arrest can help reduce the fear.
Fortunately, most people arrested in Oklahoma have a right to get out of jail unless they have been convicted of a crime. The state constitution includes two provisions that deal with bail bonds in Oklahoma.

One passage mirrors the U.S. Bill of Rights Eighth Amendment prohibition against excessive bail. The Oklahoma constitution says “Excessive bail shall not be required…”
The other constitutional guarantee of affordable bail bond in Oklahoma states that everybody has a right to bail, with a few exceptions. Article Two, Section 8 says bail may be denied for people charged with capital crimes – if there is a “great” presumption of their guilt.
Likewise, those charged with violent offenses, arrested after three or more felonies, charged with crimes that could lead to life in prison, or charged with drug crimes that could lead to more than 10 years in prison can be denied bail.

Even then, they may only be denied bail if proof of their guilt is “evident” or if the presumption of guilt is “great.” In cases where bail may be denied, it can only be denied if no conditions of release would protect the community or any individual.

Oklahoma voters adopted the exception to universal bail bonds by constitutional
amendment in 1988. Most people charged with a crime in Oklahoma, however, are not among those who would be affected. Most people have a right to bail bond in Oklahoma.

Whether a person is arrested on basically indisputable charges after a silly mistake – maybe drunk in public – or a person is arrested on serious charges based on faulty police work or false allegations, a Tulsa bail bondsman can usually help get them out of jail. For a standard fee, bail bondsmen provide surety to the court that a person will appear for trial, or the bail bondsman will forfeit the full amount of the bond.

Affordable bail bonds in Tulsa allow people to get out of jail without depositing the full amount of their bail bond with the court. The vast majority of people who post Oklahoma bail bonds comply with the terms and enjoy an uneventful bail bond experience. In the rare cases where a person does skip bond, a recovery agent seeks them out and persuades them to return to face the court.
As you can see, there is no reason to fear an arrest. Affordable Oklahoma bail bonds are a way for everybody to enjoy their constitutional right not to be encumbered with excessive bail.