Innovation in Commendation

Today law enforcement officers across America are scrutinized under a critical eye more than any other time in recent history. Social media is blowing up with stories of officer involved brutality and negligence and news sites are littered with ales of incompetence.

Now days, figures of authority are often treated with disdain. The ease of getting one’s opinion (no matter how convoluted) out to thousands, and in some cases millions, at the click of a button with social media and beyond has contributed. Some, however, are using 2015 technologies to even the scale and good cops are getting their just due.

Many cities use Twitter and Facebook news feeds to publicly share their officer’s commendations and awards for their law enforcement officers who excel in the line of duty. Others, have their own sites with special sections to merit the accomplishments. Larger agencies have on line submission forms available, some in various languages, to commend officers who go above and beyond in their mission “To serve and to protect.”

The medal pinning ceremonies are now often live streamed on YouTube. Citizens can log in and watch live as family, friends or their favorite officer is given praise for split second decision making and intense calmness during hectic times. While it’s certainly a pat on the back, it is most importantly public recognition for the heroic actions of particular policemen and women who helped in the time of need.

Another creative innovation in commendations has come in the way of a product called Edge Lit Art, made by a company called King Penn Industries (KPI) in Dallas, Texas.

KPI has a long family legacy in Law Enforcement and a true heart for the LE community. With their President Ray Pennington serving 35 years in the Dallas area County and local Police Departments, and Board member Pam Shaw, with over 2 5 years in law enforcement support and administration. KPI has produced many custom pieces for the Dallas-Fort Worth area (as well as nationally). One of the memorialized Officers was Senior Corporal Norman Smith. Senior Corporal Smith was shot and killed while attempting to serve a warrant in Dallas, one day before his 18th year anniversary with the Dallas Police Department. Joseph Anthony Harris, Sr. of Sandoval County, New Mexico (who was killed by a suspect when attempting to foil a suspect) being another. King Penn Industries has found a very special way to honor and give back to the families of these fallen LEOs thru this beautiful artwork. KPI has donated numerous pieces of Edge Lit Art to Officers and their families both during tragic loss and while celebrating special occasions.  Through these pieces, KPI has become highly respected in the community for showing their support.

Pam Shaw had the following to say about KPI’s innovation: “Edge Lit Art to me is a unique way to show honor and tribute to fallen law enforcement, first responders and veterans. The heart and soul that goes into creating each unique design takes your breath away and usually brings our customers to tears.” So, while those who uphold law and order are still under siege in many places; others are giving a well-deserved and long overdue “THANK YOU” with the very same platforms used for the bashing and negative comments.