Women’s are not safe in the today’s world

In this decade modernization has taken place but apart from this modernization one thing is there which is same as before it was i.e. the wrong practices done with the women’s. Today also women’s are getting threaten by their families and by their husbands. Women’s can take actions against it but many women’s don’t have that power in themselves to take actions against their family and husbands.

Women’s can also take help of the criminal lawyers perth who can help them to fight for their powers many women’s come forward also to fight for their powers but most of the women’s because of the some reason don’t dare to go against their family and husband. To fight against their right is a good thing.

Government is also taking many steps to protect the women. Many help lines were also introduced for the women’s to protect themselves from various problems. These help lines were very useful for the women’s in protecting themselves. Government has taken many steps now its duty of the women’s to make use of those policies and protect themselves from the various problems. They have to help themselves first than only anyone can help them

Many steps were taken to protect women and their rights but still women’s are not safe because of the society small thinking and because of the attitude of not speaking to one another this attitude of the people is very wrong while living in the society. A person should always be aware about their neighbours because neighbours only help first at the time of problem so making good relations is very much important.

Women’s are not safe not only because of man but also because of the families small thinking and there attitude towards the dowry system. Women’s are threatening by the families for the dowry and women’s don’t take any lawfully action in against them because of which crime is increasing day by day.

So, to safe the women’s the first step has to be taken by women’s only than only the system will change and something good will happen for the women’s and then only they can live happily without suffering from any crime and this will lead to less crimes in the country also because maximum crimes are with the women’s only. Women’s only are suffering from the maximum problems in the today’s world in any of the country.